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ELPRO Industrial Wireless

Industrial wireless solutions including, ethernet switching and network management products delivers an infrastructure for your critical assets that is flexible, productive, safe and easily managed. Ethernet switch portfolio delivers comprehensive solution for device and control connectivity.

Gain flexible control to streamline operations for greater quality and improved information management. We offer solutions that extend the boundary of monitoring and control into the most challenging and remote environments.

Integrate critical processes and manage the growing diversity of automation technologies. ELPRO supports the integration into existing systems and environments controlled by SCADA, DCS, PLC or PC-based automation, enabling you to choose the best solution for your needs.

Increase productivity at production startup, meet compliance deadlines and resolve ongoing maintenance problems. ELPRO helps you gain insight into local and remote sites, conserving your resources and budget.

Improve safety by reducing or eliminating the need to expose workers to existing or potential hazards. ELPRO’s solutions serve critical applications ranging from mine slope wall detection to safety shower alerts.

Reduce total costs with simple to complex wireless architectures, and over small or large sites. ELPRO provides wire-free economics while delivering wire-like reliability.



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